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headshots taken by Bob Suh, © 2019

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production stills

production stills from various performances, 2015-2019.

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self-taped monologues, performance segments, and other filmed pieces.


classical monologue

monologue from Act III, Scene ii of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. in this monologue, Portia is professing her love and commitment to Bassanio, who has just passed the test to win her hand in marriage.


performance segment: 4.48 psychosis

cut from thesis production at Carleton College. this monologue is one of Kane's clear poetic moments in the show, where the actor(s) reflect on a lost love of some sort.

{november 2019}


short film: "papier"

silent short film exploring themes of depression and friendship by director Ali Purdum.

{november 2017}


contemporary monologue

monologue from Alice Birch's Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. in this monologue, the character explores what it is to be in one's body and how that is mitigated by the abuse, expectations, pressures, and exploitations of the world around us.

{july 2020}


performance segment: the skriker

cut from the opening monologue from a performance of The Skriker at Carleton College. In this monologue, The Skriker takes the audience on a wild ride of exposition, warnings, and fairytales.

{march 2020}