catnap yoga

finding mindful moments to be.

catnap yoga is all about taking cues from our feline friends and finding mindful moments to be. cats are amazing yogis—they have clear boundaries, are in touch with their needs, and listen to their bodies. why can’t we be the same?? catnap yoga wants to be a brave yoga space that is trauma-informed, aligned with body liberation, and unapologetically anti diet-culture, queer positive, and recovery-oriented. scroll down to sign up for vinyasa classes led by colleen (she/they), all of which are sliding scale. check out our insta, @catnapyoga, for the most up-to-date info, fun cat content, and more.

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studio classes

find me at local Chicago studios!

thursdays 7am CST: Vinyasa and Meditation w/ Yoga Now (virtual)

thursdays 5:45-7pm CST: Intermediate Vinyasa w/ Five Keys Yoga (virtual and in-person)

sign up for these classes using the links below!


catnap yoga waiver

before taking your first class with catnap yoga, please fill out this waiver! this keeps both you and your teacher safe :)


join the catmily

wanna keep up with all things catnap? sign up for the weekly email, The Catnap Mews, to get class reminders, Instagram post summaries, and any random yoga/cat thoughts Colleen may or may not be having at the time.


pay for classes

studio classes are priced by the specific studios. check out their websites for their pricing info! if you would like to attend these classes either virtually or in-person but their pricing is not accessible for you, please reach out to me and we will make something work!

any classes that i run on my own are operated on a donation basis and can be paid via Venmo (preferred) or Paypal, both linked below. ​

for catnap classes, please choose the amount that fits best for you, and pay via Venmo (preferred) or Paypal, both linked below.

UPDATE FOR VENMO: please only use emojis/graphics or non-business-y related words to avoid one of us getting a fee :) thank you!

community > capitalism, always, so please reach out to make a financial plan that works best for you, whether the class is hosted by me or a studio!

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private classes + workshops

i am happy to teach private or small group classes, customized to your needs! i also offer workshops, such as my Queer As In ____ workshop that I ran three times in 2021. i am so excited to work with you and your needs to develop new workshops as well. if you are interested in setting up private yoga classes for you or a small group, or having me teach a workshop, send me an email and we will discuss your needs, my rates, and scheduling!